Asthmatic Harp

SoMo video / Documentery


Behind the pseudonym "Asthmatic Harp" is the danish songwriter, composer and producer Hannah Fredsgaard Larsen. At the moment she is based in London (UK), studying Electronic Music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama


The music is experimental pop and the songs of the EP explore the fundamental, existential anxiety and angst caused by the feeling of being a “lost astronaut” in a world that at times can feel incomprehensible and meaningless. 

Hannah wanted to show her audience how her EP was made and to tell every thoughts about the artistic and human choices she made through the preparation of 'Lost Astronaut'. Together with Signe Jacobsen, I/we accepted the challenge and tried to produce a documentary staring Asthmatic Harp in her old summer house in the country side of Denmark.  This is the result of our storytellings about the creation of a record and a journey of a lovely artist.

Creative Team : Line Hvid & Signe Jacobsen