Badesøen Festival

PR-concept, Gorilla-Advertising, Graphic Design & Scenography

"Badesøen – by The Lake, Forbrændingen, and Prxjects" is a new one-day festival taking place at an outdoor waterpark in Albertslund, near Copenhagen, on August 25th, 2018. More info at

My work was to unfold the visual theme of Badesøen festival 2018 into Gorilla-advertising, signs on the festival, & set design for the festival.


The identity is a design collaboration between Hvass&Hannibal and Studio Lou  This is a design collaboration with Hvass& Hannibal, Studio Lou & Line Hvid.



Gorilla-advertising at the local statue "Scenario" in Albertslund by Peter Land. The idea was to make some awareness about the festival coming soon, by dressing the local known bathtub man as if he were warming up the week before the festival. To give a smile to the locals and to reuse picture material on social media.



Signs on the festival both the fiscal build ones and the posters on them. Signs could be the Pop-Up program, signs to navigate on the festival, directions, bar prices and programs on the different areas.


Set design on the festival


Foto by Line Hvid & Kim Matthai Leland

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