Sivas - Colombiana ft. Gilli

Music video

Made togethet with a really awesome and hardworking team! ❤ Credits out to..

Directed by: Dallanda Berry and Fenar Ahmad
Photographed by: Rasmus Videbæk
Edited by: Jenna Mangulad


Production: Company Bacon

Produced by: Sara Samsøe
Executive Producer: Samuel Cantor


Costumes by: Anna Carli Holmgren & Nathalie Holt Olsen
Production Design by: Freja-Ulla Krebs-Sandholm
Production Design assistant: Line Hvid-Jacobsen
Hair & Make-up by: Viola Lynge
Hair & Make-up assistant: Susanna Zixi Hu Yan
Production Manager: August Magnusson
Production Assistant: Lasse Bugge
Grip: Ulrik Gani
Focus Puller: Victor Knötzel
Light by: Gaffers / Morten Kildegård, Jens Lund, David Medina
Light Assistant: Anders Knudsen
SFX & Stunt by: Hummer Højmark & Danish Special Effects Service


Post production by: Bacon X
Colored by: Hannibal Lang
VFX by: Alex Dubrocard


Sound design by: Adrian Aurelius, Ballad


A special thanks to: 
Dandy, MAAN Rental, FilmGear, Wasteland, København K and Bacon X