Power of independence

15" SoMe adds

The brief in D&AD_NewBlood competition was to create four 15" SoMe movie adds that capture the soul of Dazed and scream independence. Our work title then became "Power of Independence"

Seen from our perspective, the inspiration from Dazed is raw, crazy, brave, beautiful and exciting. All together a big mix of independence packed in a delicious wrapping! In a quarter of a century Dazed has inspired young peoples style through art, music, movies and culture. As a celebration of the past 25 years, we have captured the soul of Dazed in four different gifts. As the wrapping smashes, the inspiration will explode in your face. With millions of impressions we try to reflect the essence of Dazed.

The shiny part is that we won a graphite pencil in the D&AD New Blood competition for it.

Creative team: Freja-Ulla Krebs-Sandhold & Line Hvid