Line Hvid

Freelance Creative & Art Director 

based in Copenhagen/Europe

"That title will inform you that I got skills within visual communication and ideation.

Furthermore, I strive to always challenge myself creatively and to have great fun doing an effort.


My passion lays in impression, meaning I love to create in most aspect of creativity. I draw when I need focus, take pictures to collect moments or inspirations. I write poems and sometimes it turns out as music.

I dance because I can't stop. I collect things like: words, insights, sounds, moods, that little perfect thing for the next film or photo shoot, music, art, laughs and those"nighttime-be-creative-silence". 


I'm easygoing and great fun - though I don't drink coffee or smoke tons of cigarettes.

But I love to collaborate, craft and I love to see ideas grow.

I dream of writing a book, create a stunning exhibition, to create my own patterns and make great films


- keep posted in the adventure." Line Hvid





Director & Production Designer - Tele Rouge, Close Up Production, Copenhagen

Graphic Designer - Marketing, Flying Tiger, Copenhagen

Teamleader of Design & decoration - Badesøen Festival, Albertslund

Scenograf - Savage Rose Efterklang, Katinka-band & Jamika, Copenhagen

Production Designer (Praktik) - Hr.Skægs Hotel, Greathouse Film, Copenhagen/Lyngby

PR-ansvarlig - Spillestedet Forbrændingen, Albertslund

PDA/Graphics Production - Bleed, midtvejsfilm Super16, Copenhagen

Production Designer/Graphics mainly - En Flirt, midtvejsfilm Super16, Copenhagen


Graphic Designer - Marketing, Flying Tiger, Copenhagen

Project Leader/Creative on Video Content Project - Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød

Production Designer - ROBERT/BOISEN & Like-minded, Copenhagen

Rekvisitør - Tambo Film, Copenhagen

Rekvisitør & Production Design Assistent - The fifty Eleven Project/Kasper Bjørke, ArtOfficialagency, Copenhagen

Production Designer, Exhibition, Graphic Design & SoMe promotion - Badesøen Festival, Albertslund

PDA -Lukas Graham music video "Not A Damn Thing Changed" - New Land, Copenhagen

PR responsible - Klaverfabrikken, Hillerød (2017-2018)


BA in Visual Communication 2014 - 2017

Creative communication: ideation, creative problem solving & art direction.

Danish School of Media and Journalism, Copenhagen

New Blood Academy 2016

2 weeks of intense work together with 50 other young talent worldwide. With supervision and workshop with some of the best creatives in the industry, amazing!

New Blood Academy, London


Work marked with this little icon, is from my

creative teamwork with Freja-Ulla Krebs-Sandholm

CloseUp Production
Work marked with this little icon, is from my creative teamwork with Signe Jacobsen

© Line Hvid

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