Line Hvid

Freelance Creative & Art Director 

based in Copenhagen/Europe

"That title will inform you that I got skills within visual communication and ideation.

Furthermore, I strive to always challenge myself creatively and to have great fun doing an effort.


My passion lays in impression, meaning I love to create in most aspect of creativity. I draw when I need focus, take pictures to collect moments or inspirations. I write poems and sometimes it turns out as music.

I dance because I can't stop. I collect things like: words, insights, sounds, moods, that little perfect thing for the next film or photo shoot, music, art, laughs and those"nighttime-be-creative-silence". 


I'm easygoing and great fun - though I don't drink coffee or smoke tons of cigarettes.

But I love to collaborate, craft and I love to see ideas grow.

I dream of writing a book, create a stunning exhibition, to create my own patterns and make great films


- keep posted in the adventure." Line Hvid




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*Self employed multidisciplinary Creative Art Director, *Director,, *Creative, *Concert Scenograf, *Press photograph, *PR-responsible, *Production Designer , *Graphic Designer, * Graphic Production Designer, *Rekvisitør, *Projectleader


Creative- Marketing, Flying Tiger, Copenhagen 2021 - Now

Graphic Designer  & sound composer - Marketing, Flying Tiger, Copenhagen 2018 - 2021 

Self employed multidisciplinary Creative Art Director  - Line Hvid Studio Copenhagen 2015 - Now

Teamleader of Design & decoration - Badesøen Festival, Albertslund 2018 - Now

Bas player & composer - White Stone Grove, 2019 - Now


Robert Prisen - Shortlisted - Årets kortfilm/animation 2021 (Bleed) - TBA 

Odense International Film Festival 2020 - Kortfilm - Shortlisted  (Bleed)

Robert Prisen - Winner - Årets lange fiktion/animation 2020 (En Flirt)

Creative Circle Award - Bronze Winner - Film/Cinema 2018 (Spis det hele/Ostefilmen)

Creative Circle Award -  Shortlisted - Art Direction 2018 (Spis det hele)

Creative Circle Award - Shortlisted - Film/Online 2018 (Spis det hele)

D&AD New Blood - Winner - Graphite Pencil - 2016 (Dazed)

These are some of the lovely client I've worked with:

The Savage Rose, Avisen Live, Dhaba Idian Street Food, Brimheim, Efterklang, Katinka-band, Kindsight, Tele Rouge, HR. Skæg, Jersie, Asthmatic Harp, Kirsten&Marie, Pechuga, Bak&Lindemann, Forbrændingen, Chanel, Badesøen Festival, Køge/Glostrup/Albertslund/Taastrup/Hvidorve Kommune, Klaverfabrikken, Musikterapi København, Live For Børn, Kozuch Music, SPACE10, Roskilde Festival m.m 

And on that note I really have to mention this awesome people whom I worked with a lot: 
Signe Jacobsen, Marie Boye Thomsen, Freja-Ulla Krebs Sandholm & Henrik Lund

- cheers for you lovely ones!


BA in Visual Communication 2014 - 2017

Creative communication: ideation, creative problem solving & art direction.

Danish School of Media and Journalism, Copenhagen

New Blood Academy 2016

Talent school with supervision and workshop in methods on how to stay the best creatives in the industry!

New Blood Academy, London


Software knowledge

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Indesign

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere  Pro


Logic Pro