Lonely Hearts Motel

Creative Direction & Concept Development, Press material,

Graphic Design and Photography/Production Design at the Event

We are all lonely from time to time, but for some reason it feels wrong, a bit taboish, or just moments from a bad movie. "Evenings where the bottom of the wine bottle seems miserable and the roll-down curtains crawl around your apartment while zapping netflix or scrolling insta while friends have great fun." The Danish clothing brand Pechugatees and the Danish blogger HelseMatilde made a campaign about Lonelyness under the campaign "The Lonely Hearts Motel". 

I was very proud to have a leading role in Creative Direction and Concept Development, Co-Project Manager in Press material, Graphic Design and Event. Head of Production Design and Photographer at the event.


Lonely Heart Motel Team :

Anna Waller Andrés : Pechuga owner, project lead and so much more.

Helse Matilde : Co-Partner in the Lonely Heart Motel project, Press contact and so much more..
Adéla Hrdlicková : Patch Designer & Artwork
Sienna Rousseau : Photograph
Line Hvid : Creative Direction & Concept Developer, Project lead, Press contact, Artwork & Graphic Design, Production Design.
Signe Jacobsen: Project lead, Music management, Press contact, Artwork & Graphic Design 
Enida Kapetanovic: Spons coordinator & host
Marie Inge Malberg: Press contact, Spoons & Patch-making
Mette Dalgaard Nielsen: Influencer contact

​Cornelius Qvist: video material on the party night https://corneliusqvist.dk

Big thanks to Teglværket for hosting us!

Big thanks to IDA RED & Mai Scharup for playing!!

Big thanks to all sponsores : Jo:ga, GoBoat, Cafe Norden, Amazing space, Klaverfabrikken, Spillestedet Forbrændingen,

Spillestedet Stengade, Grød, The body shop, KIMS, Girls Are Awesome, Nivea, Underprotection, Cinemaxx, Promenaden, 

SULT, Boutique Fisk, L’oreal, DoYoga, Playprop, Fujifilm Instax, Kleenex & Woman

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