Skip searching, MUBI

Campaign including film add,  web "ambient" & print

We spend endless hours infinitely scrolling, still ending up with a film that’s not even worth watching. With sore fingertips or even worse, cold popcorn, it’s time for a change.. We need to work smarter not harder! and MUBI has got the answer. With a team of experienced movie critics, they have ensured you a fresh selection of 30

hand-picked quality movies ready to enjoy.
It's time to “SKIP SEARCHING” !!

Creative Team : Freja-Ulla Krebs-Sandholm & Line Hvid


The 30 second ad is made of clips from all kinds of movies, reflecting the variety in films MUBI present.

All the clips have one thing in common which is searching. The ad shows the frustration from “the endless search” after great movies.

It’s all bound together with the Payoff ”SKIP SEARCHING”.

On youtube a ”SKIP AD” sign appears after 5 seconds. But something new will happen next time our 30”AD plays. An extra button ”SKIP SEARCHING” will pop-up. When people click it,  it will linked directly to MUBI’s sign-up page.


With over 4 million passengers commuting daily around London, there are plenty of opportunities

to expose them to our message - loud and clear.