Creative concept, copywriting & graphic design

SPACE10 often target specialists and experts, and therefore they use a lot of terminology, which “everyday people on the street” & new in residency sometimes finds difficult to understand. 


We therefore wanted to make a small guide to help you navigate some words and technical terms that is thrown around SPACE10 everyday. We have created this little dictionary to help you feel right at home and hopefully intrigue to look deeper into what SPACE10 is passionate about  And in the same time gain more engagement and start great conversations.

Beyond print “The SPACE10 ABC” is a tool which could be connected to all SPACE10 platforms eventually. So whenever you read an article on one of the website, you can click on the difficult words and a short explanation pops up. By using the simple framework from the SPACE10 ABC, we can help people get a better understanding about SPACE10 stands for and help communicate to a wider audience.

Creative Team: Kristine Nørgaard & Line Hvid